Weldon Spring Site Engagement | Claudia + Kyle | Weldon Spring, Missouri

Despite a major midwest heatwave, Claudia and Kyle (a ridiculously cute and sweet couple from Chesterfield, MO) showed up for our engagement session with smiles and a cool sort of optimism. But just in case their optimism wasn't enough to bring down the heat, they came bearing an ice cold bottle of champagne! Seeing this, I knew the three of us would get along just fine.

The bride-to-be, Claudia, is the most beautiful and charming woman. Even in the hot humidity, she remained flawless! From head to toe, Claudia's style was classic and well put together. Starting with a delicate ivory lace dress, and ending in a strappy pink lace maxi, Claudia clearly knew how to choose an outfit. As if her style and petite feminine frame weren't enough to make you obsessed, add Kyle's tall build and handsome grin into the mix! It took everything in me to refrain from kidnapping these two, putting their cuteness in my pocket and taking them home with me!

But it wasn't just their style and good looks that drew me in... Claudia and Kyle brought with them a peaceful presence. This serenity clearly depicted the kind of love they have for one another. This wasn't a show; no one was trying to impress me. In fact, words didn't even need to be said. Claudia and Kyle had way of communicating without words. Standing there with them, I sensed a peace that only trust and commitment could bring. Their love brought healing to one another. Without saying the words, I heard the message of their love: No matter where you've been, no matter where you're going... Until our hair turns silver and our bodies grow weak, I'm in this with you.